About us

Oaktree Capital Academy is part of Oaktree Capital Management, and our goal is to change the way people trade online.

Our focus is on clients and education, and we use advanced technology to help individuals invest in the financial markets.

We believe that with a good team, success will follow. We'll provide you with all the resources you need to pursue excellence and never settle for mediocrity.

We tell you six keys to unlocking your
profit potential

1. Which stocks to trade/invest in?

2. When should you buy that stock?

3. When will the stock be sold?

4. How long have you held the stock?

5. Risks and rewards of this transaction.

6. How much capital should be invested in the stock?

Dean's words

"We believe in creating wealth and taking only the best deals. Our goal is to find opportunities with the best risk-reward ratio."

Shakeel Ahmed
Oaktree Capital Academy Honorary Dean

What we do

With our expertise, you can trade with confidence. We provide expert advice to help you achieve specific trading goals in the short to medium term and
strictly control possible losses.

Quality trading advice

Saudi Arabia Stock Market Tadawul
US stock market
New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq

✅ At least 3 trading suggestions per week
✅ Trading holding period 1-2 weeks
✅ Average profit per transaction 5%-10%
✅ Short-term quick profit trading
✅ High accuracy and huge profits
✅ Saudi Tadawul Index Forecast
✅ US stock market index forecast
✅ Optimize your investment portfolio

01The Beginning of a Millionaire

- Introduction to the stock market
- Become a stock investor’s mindset
- Basic principles of Islamic finance and stock investment

02Millionaire wisdom

- Fundamental analysis: reading and understanding of financial statements
- Technical analysis: interpretation of charts and trends
- Macroeconomic analysis: How the global economy affects the stock market

03Millionaire strategy

- Long-term investing vs short-term trading
- Build Islamic compliant investment portfolios
- Risk Management: How to Protect Your Wealth

04Millionaire Practice

- Practical trading: practice in a low-risk environment
- Saudi Stock Market Case Study
- Successful cases of Islamic compliant investments

05Millionaire ethics

- Business Ethics: Honesty and Transparency
- Social responsibility: investing is not just about money
- Charity: the social value of wealth

06A millionaire's perspective

- Global stock market dynamics: opportunities and challenges
- Future trends of the Saudi stock market
- Future market opportunities: the cradle of the next millionaire?

07become a millionaire

- Course Summary: Cultivating a Millionaire Mindset
- Formulation and evaluation of investment strategies
- Assessment and Certification: Your Journey to Millionaire

Our strength is our actual combat data


Years of wealth
creation experience


Transaction successful


Investment success


Student satisfaction

Student evaluation

Anthony J.


Oaktree Capital Academy focuses on advanced technical analysis and has implemented recommendations for short- and medium-term trading in Tadawul many times and has achieved huge profits. Thanks for providing great service to investors of any level.

Shantha R.


After over 9 years of trading I came across Oaktree Capital Academy and regretted not having heard of them before. They offer truly amazing portfolio management advice

Mary K.

IT engineer

I participated in a free training course from Oaktree Capital Academy a few months ago, and I was deeply impressed by their stock picking concepts and outstanding performance. So far, I have used correct investment concepts and a good investment mentality to grow my wealth rapidly.

Ranmuni Roshan D.


I don't have time to stare at a screen all day and your service is exactly what I need. I congratulate the entire Oaktree Capital Academy team for an even better service.

Bernard Alsina


Very good service. They are very interactive and respond positively to any questions from students. I was so impressed that I recommended it to my family and friends

Alexander R.


Really enjoyed the practical trading advice in the free course, it resulted in many profitable trades. I am a big fan of Dean Shakeel Ahmed, his research and course teaching are top notch and easy to understand.

Customer Evaluation

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